Our personal car is a plug-in hybrid using a regular house outlet to recharge the battery.  As shown above, our average miles per gallon runs between 93-100 mpg.

We leased the car a year ago receiving a $300 utility company rebate, a Costco membership credit,  and a rebate from the state of Oregon.  The total pretty much covered the due at signing costs. We also got a reduction on price from the dealership by agreeing to stay under 10,000 miles per year for the three years of the lease.

Our latest monthly electric charge for 363 KWH @ 0.074200 was $26.93 for a 1500+ square foot house.  This covers the cost of lights and appliances as well as the cost of charging up the car for the month. (The standard electric facilities charge was not included in this total.) 

Note: our home heat source, range and water heater are gas.

We have not purchased gasoline for the car in the last month. 

If you’re toying with the idea of a hybrid or fully electric car you can check out various rebates and resources by clicking on –